Proton piston in 2006
It was founded by Ali Sakalli with the name Proton Metal and started the sector as the production of Aluminum 2013, it entered the automotive sector with the production of diesel and gasoline engine pistons, compressor pistons and connecting rods and the company took its place in the automotive sector with the name Proton Piston.

Proton Piston


A piston is a metal part that moves up and down inside the cylinders of an internal combustion engine.


Annular segments are located around the piston, which has a cylindrical structure. These rings allow the piston to fit into the cylinder, as well as prevent gases from leaking and oils from entering the chamber.


It is the part that forms the outer frame in the upward and downward movements of the pistons. The pistons move inside the cylinder liner via the connecting rod.

It produces perfect quality products by constantly inspecting its products with the latest technology devices in the quality control unit.


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Proton Piston

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  • Casting January
    Alloy aluminum ingots are melted in natural gas furnaces and transferred to electric resting furnaces after January. Here, after degassing, grain thinning, slag removal operations are performed, casting into molds is performed.

  • Heat Treatment
    Heat treatment is a process performed at high temperatures to give metals and alloys properties that they do not have. The metallic tension of the piston is provided in a homogeneous way, which ensures that the piston is easily processed on lathes and does not stick to the knife.
  • CNC Machining
    The pistons coming out of the heat treatment are processed in cnc lathe and cnc machining centers by going through processes such as rough, piston ring channel, pin slot, cell and sibop opening.

  • Finish
    After all the processes are completed, the piston is processed with special egg-shaped dimensions with a special CNC oval machine and the piston is made ready to work in the piston shirt (cylinder).

  • Quality Control
    The ovality measurements of the pistons coming out of the Finish are checked.

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Proton Piston


Proton Piston


Proton Piston


Proton Piston


Proton Piston